About the museum

The history of Coptic Christianity is depicted in this exhibit. There are also models of the monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Catherine, as well as old Cairo with all its churches. Another model shows the Catechetical School of Alexandria - and still another depicts the trip of the Holy family in Egypt. Coptic art is also displayed. The exhibit is well worth visiting.

The story of Christianity in Egypt is very interesting - and to date, has not been taught in schools. Christianity spread very quickly in Egypt, after St. Mark's visit to Alexandria. We must not forget that the Holy family (Mary, Joseph, and the infant, Jesus) traveled in Egypt for 3 ? years. Because of the Roman occupation, Christianity remained an underground religion until the reign of Constantine. The Christians suffered severe persecution at the hands of the Romans. But they developed the first academic Christian institution in Alexandria - The Catechetical School. From this school, great Christian schools such as Athanasius originated. They also developed the Monasteries, Monks and the Monastic life, Monasticism began in Egypt, and then spread through the Middle East and Europe. St. Anthony, whose monastery lies close to the Red Sea, was one of the first Monks. But the Copts also suffered persecution at the hands of the Byzantine church, because of their beliefs in the single, divine nature of Christ, (monotheism.) This persecution caused the Copts to welcome the Islamic army in 641.