Ancient Egyptian Wedding
Imagine an island of tranquility on the west bank of the Nile, with views of the river, and the tree tops of the Botanical Gardens, The Pharaonic Village offers a sparkling venue for weddings, perfected with the city's most gracious service. For couples who are interested in a unique and a romantic wedding, come to the Pharaonic Village for a Pharaonic Wedding. This comes with all the Pharaonic costumes required for the bride, the groom & even their guests. The married couple will be able to enjoy a unique Pharaonic style ceremony, music, food & finally a Papyrus Wedding Certificate that will be given to them.The Pharaonic Village on-site expert will work with you or your wedding consultant to reserve your dates, plan the schedule of events, and coordinate all the simple details.

Birthday Parties for Children
The Pharaonic Village is an ideal site for celebrating your child's birthday. We can help you organize this unique event and make it a memorable experience for everyone. Our Pharaonic Village on-site expert will coordinate all the details.