About the Yacht

On the Nile as the major route of travel, boat building was an important industry in ancient Egypt, and so it is also a prominent part of the Pharaonic Village, joining other ancient industries such as brickmaking, carpentry and masonry.

Nefertari Yacht Cruises
One of most attractive factors at the Pharaonic Village is the Nefertari Yacht Tour. Sail in the Nile in comfort as you learn about this Ancient land from your guide. Tours take just over an hour and sail from the Pharaonic Village several times a day with night cruises . Meals and snacks are available for purchase on the yacht. You can also reserve our Nefertari yacht for any of your special events (birthday parties, engagement & wedding ceremonies or any group outing). Its total capacity is 85 persons.

Those who like river sports, or simply spending a quiet afternoon on the water can rent rowboats, canoes, and paddleboats which they can enjoy sailing in shady and restful canals of the village. You can also go on a pontoon tour for an hour in the river Nile outside the village.